Wishing you a clutter-free Christmas

Free as a bird

Free as a bird

Clutter clearing is a recurrent theme in our house where there always seems to be too much Stuff and not enough Space.

So I was interested to read a piece in the Susan Jeffers Organisation newsletter suggesting we hang on to  clutter through a kind of poverty consciousness. After all, the world we live in (in the west at least) is largely based on the idea of ‘progress’: having more and being more. We are what we own.

I love nice things as much as anyone but the truth is that, as I reflect back over the last 12 months, my best days were spent walking in the Lakeland Fells with my sister. If we hadn’t been travelling light – jacket, bottles of water, an egg roll and slice of gingerbread – we wouldn’t have had the energy to climb as high as we did, nor been rewarded by views from the top of the world, stretching beyond layer upon layer of velvet felltops to a shining silver sea in the distance.

Amazing how freeing all that space and air is. How much easier it is to simply stop and just be.

Reading this from Susan Jeffers this morning I glimpsed the same feeling of space and lightness that I’d felt while we were up there with the soaring birds:

“As you get rid of all your excess baggage, you begin to realise: You don’t need (or want!) as much as you thought you did, which means…you don’t need to buy as many things, which means…you don’t need as much space, which means…you don’t need to have a bigger home, which means…you don’t need to earn as much, which means…you don’t need to work so hard, which means…you have more time and energy, which means… you are better able to end the struggle and dance with life!”

Wishing you space and light today and in the year to come.

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