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Decisions, decisions

Indian or Chinese, jeans or track pants? If only all the decisions we had to make were so trivial – and came with a guarantee that the world won’t end if we make the wrong choice. In many ways we have more choices than any generation before. Yet few of us are ever taught how to […]

Wishing you a clutter-free Christmas

Clutter clearing is a recurrent theme in our house where there always seems to be too much Stuff and not enough Space. So I was interested to read a piece in the Susan Jeffers Organisation newsletter suggesting we hang on to  clutter through a kind of poverty consciousness. After all, the world we live in […]

Let yourself be seen

Sometimes I fear I use the word ‘authenticity’ too much. It feels as if a lot of what I am doing in the workshops, the coaching, and the writing, is encouraging people to peel back all the layers, one at a time, and see what lies at the heart of us. Minus all the beliefs, […]