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logo blueBooks have always been my passion – and never more so than when life throws up one of its regular challenges and my first reaction is to find a book that will guide me through.

The trouble is that so many of the books I’ve come across are, well, perhaps just a little on the long side (which of course is reflected in the cover price). In this fast-track world I’ve come to believe that we don’t always need – or have time to read – vast tomes.

What we want is to know we’re not alone; to learn from those who’ve navigated a way through the stuff we’re  facing; and to be offered proven and practical tools and tips for coming out the other side.

This then was how the idea for ‘first aid for feelings’ was born. I wanted to offer others the sort of thing I’d so often looked for in vain: self-help guides that were short, sweet, inexpensive and real. The sort of books most publishers wouldn’t consider because the margins are too small to make it worthwhile for all those folk in the distribution chain.

Before I set up small books I’d worked with four publishers on my earlier books, and learned that while they take the financial risk it was down to me to do most of the promotion. Their financial investment was then reflected in how much (actually how little) I received from book sales.

So why not do it myself? And of course the advent of e-books has been transforming, enabling people like me to publish without having to risk large sums of money on paying for the books to be printed.

But I still love print, which is why you’ll find most small book titles are available in both e-reader AND print formats.

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Jane Matthews

About me

About Jane Matthews

I hope that in time there will be more writers contributing to small books titles but, for now, as it’s my name on the front covers, a little more on my credentials for offering ‘first aid for feelings’.

I’m an accredited teacher of Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life programmes, offering workshops in healing from the past, building self-esteem and living more authentically.  Since 2009 I’ve  been working with Serenity Retreat, which runs programmes in Greece and the UK for those on a personal growth programme or recovering from addiction.

I also work as a Heal Your Life coach with clients on a one-to-one basis on everything from relationship, health and work issues to finding purpose.

Alongside small books I’m also the author of The Carer’s Handbook (Little, brown 2007; new edition forthcoming February 2019) and Have the Best Year of Your Life (o books, 2010). Plus a couple of titles on better relationships published in the US.